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Weekly Dinner Jam

Weekly Dinner Jam

About Weekly Dinner Jam

Join us every Monday night at Karlo Estates to immerse yourself in music with jamming musicians while enjoying delicious locally sourced, plant-based whole food, cooked from scratch and made with love in our cozy 19th century Speakeasy wine lounge.

If you are a songwriter, the jam allows you to hear your songs (if you are brave enough to expose them) through a variety of instruments and interpretations from other musicians or the hear other styles of music for creative inspiration. If you are a musician, the jam provides the experience to participate in a diversity of genres and expand you capabilities. If you are a (welcomed) listener, the wine selection is awesome and the lounge presents a unique setting to enjoy live performances. Wine by the glass available for purchase. Reserve your seat online. $15 for a bowl of stew and bread with a 3 ounce pour of our featured wine. Musicians who jam get a free meal. Dinner served around 7 to 7:15 PM

Starting from 6PM until 9PM.

Tickets: $15

Karlo Estates Inc.561 Danforth Road, Prince Edward, ON

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