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Youth Craft Academy: Wood with Katrina Tompkins

Youth Craft Academy: Wood with Katrina Tompkins

About Youth Craft Academy: Wood with Katrina Tompkins

Registration is now open for the next session of the Youth Craft Academy! In this session students will learn about wood tools and techniques as they move through the process of constructing their own skateboard with Katrina Tompkins of Fine Folk Furniture. Katrina will guide the students through making 3D wood objects using veneer, adhesive, forms and vacuum pressure. Participants will learn about the properties of wood, how to properly use and maintain shaping hand tools, how to install trucks and grip tape and methods for visually customizing their deck. All materials will be provided and each participant will leave with their own fully functioning skateboard!

Thanks to a special partnership with Rue Pigalle, a discounted rate will automatically apply at the time of registration for ALL participants. No application is required. Why this generous discount? Rue Pigalle believes that as a practice and career, craft is a joyful and optimistic way to address the serious issues of sustainability, skills transmission, community economy, and equality.

If this discounted rate still remains a barrier, please reach out to Programs Manager Stacey Sproule at


Launched in fall 2023, this unique and dynamic multi-year program is designed for youth ages 13-16 with an interest in, or curiosity about the art of craft. Participants will learn, play, and build using a variety of materials such as clay, wood, glass, metal, and fibre to create functional and decorative objects.

The program is delivered by local professional artisans, artists, and other members of the craft sector. Youth are encouraged, but not required, to participate in all three courses per year. Participants must complete a beginner-level course before advancing to intermediate. So now is the perfect time to get involved!

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